Whistler Peak to Peak gondola

Whistler peak to peak, cable car
Whistler peak to peak gondola cabins

Whistler Peak to Peak gondola info

Doppelmayr 3S gondola, manufactured by Doppelmayr / Graventa Group of Europe.

The Peak 2 Peak gondola has been opened on December 2008.

Whistler Peak to Peak gondola – World records

  • world’s longest unsupported (free) span for a lift of this kind in the world
  • world’s highest lift of this kind
  • world’s longest continuous lift system

Peak to Peak gondola – Technical aspects

  1. Speed 7.5 meters per seconds
  2. Crossing time ~ 11 minutes
  3. Frequency 1 cabin departs every 40 seconds
  4. Total distance 4.4 km (2.73 miles)
  5. Length of unsupported span 3,024 km (1.88 miles)
  6. Highest point 436 meters (1,427 feet)
  7. Number of cabins 28
  8. Capacity of cabins 24 seated, 4 standing
  9. Total lift capacity 4,100 passengers per hour
  10. Number of towers 4 (2 on each mountain)
  11. Height of towers 35 – 65 meters
  12. Track ropes (2) 56 mm diameter; 4,600 meters long
  13. Haul ropes (1) 46 mm diameter; 8,850 meters long

Whistler Peak to Peak gondola round trip

The peak to peak gondola will connect ROUNDHOUSE located at the heights of Whistler Mountain (1,809 meters) and RENDEZVOUS on Blackcomb Mountain.

  • Roundhouse

    Take “Whistler Village Gondola” from Whistler Village up to Roundhouse

  • Rendezvous

    From Whistler Village take “Wizard Express” and “Solar Coaster Express”

Look at this page Gondolas-map-lifts  to have a better view of all locations and connections.

Whistler peak to peak gondola attracts more visitors every year. Those who know the mountains of Whistler in the winter or summer come  for fun and a superb peak-peak gondola trip. Have your camera and take  memorable photos.
From a 436 meters high, the peak to peak ride will offer a fantastic view of the valley and a spectacular 369 degree view from the peaks.
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