Whistler Village Gondola

Roundhouse Station
View of Roundhouse

Whistler ski resort

Village Gondola Whistler operates from the Whistler lower town up to the Roundhouse station, located in Whistler Mountain.
Whistler is recognized with three major competitions:

  1. Alpine skiing, events on Whistler Mountain
  2. Bobsled, Luge and Skeleton events at the Sliding Centre on Blackcomb Mountain
  3. Nordic Biathlon and Ski Jumping Competion in Whistler Olympic Park in the
    Callahan Valley

Good to know that Whistler hosted previously The World Cup alpine skiing races

Village Gondola Whistler- description

We can say that this Village Gondola in Whistler is a cabin on cable. It will transport people from Whistler Village to the Roundhouse station in Whistler Mountains.
Whistler Village Gondola is the highway to the Whistler Mountain, last target to be reached by visitors is Peak Lookout 2182 m (7160 ft).

From Whistler Village to the Peak of Whistler Mountain

It’s about what tourists can visit and is developed already for travelers safety, comfort and visitors fun.
Gondola leaving the Whistler Village station, located in Whistler Village lower town, where you buy tickets and almost everybody starts from there.

Whistler Village Gondola first station up.
Village Olympic Station


The first station of Whistler Village Gondola is the
Village Olympic Station



Roundhouse Station
View of Roundhouse

Roundhouse Station is a key junction for Whistler Village Gondola and other lifts and gondolas pointed to this station.
Located at 1908 m in Whistler Mountain has a role in connecting tourists to the chairs up of the top of mountain. the main role is connecting to Peak 2 Peak Gondola.


The Peak 2 Peak route to Blackcomb Mountain is described in one of our page, please go to Whistler Gondola Map.

We will go up to 2182m on Whistler Mountain, also it can be followed on gondola map page for better understanding.

Peak Adventure Gate
Peak Adventure Gate

There is a walk from Roundhouse station to take the chair lift up to the top. You will see this big gate what tells you that the chair station to the peak isĀ  almost here.



Peak Express Chair Station
Peak Express


This is the Peak Express chair station. It is a 4 chair lift and going up you will realize that the angle of the chair mechanism going up will make you to “buckle-up the seat belt” like in your car. Please look at the following images.



Peak Express Chairs up
Peak Express 4 chair lift


Peak Express Adventure


Look at the second picture, there will be fun!





Whistler Mountain Peak
The Peak of the Whistler Mountain 2182m


When you see the 2010 Olympic mascot then you have reached the top of the Whistler Mountain for tourists.

Good job!