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Intermaps whistler gondola map.
Intermaps whistler ski and lifts

Whistler gondola and lifts map

A map with clear view of gondolas and lifts, easy to explore the two mountains well known in Whistler.
The gondola map and each 4 chair lift map can be explored live here, go to SKIRON-INTERMAPS the provider of this very nice map. On the map is logo a “Get iSKI” what provides apps for live ski resorts from 20 countries.
Note: You can see the status of gondola, chair lift moving the mouse or finger (for mobile devices) over the line to get the status of the lift.

Just a bit of explanation about how to look at the map, so you don’t get lost.

Gondola map for Whistler Mountain and lifts map

The bottom center of the map is the Village of Whistler located at 675m (2214 ft).
The Whistler Village Gondola will go up on the right to the Roundhouse. This is a station of lifts and gondolas located at 1809 m. You can check the live camera to see how it looks the station.
The Roundhouse station has more choices, here are three of them:

  1. Use “Big Red Express” 4 chair lift and “Creekside Gondola” and go down right to Creekside Village.
  2. Take a little walk and get to the “Peak Express” 4 chair lift and go up to “Peal Lookout located at 2182 m (7160 ft), top right of the map.
  3. Take Peak 2 Peak Gondola and go (~ 11 minutes) to the other mountain, Blackcomb Mountain in the left and station name is Rendezvous. It can be one way trip or round trip.

     Roundhouse -> Peak 2 Peak Gondola  -> Rendezvous


Backcomb Mountain lifts map and gondola map

On the left side on the gondola map see that Peak 2 Peak gondola has arrived to the destination in the Rendezvous station. This station is a junction  of three 4 chair lifts and the Peak Gondola.
The Rendezvous station has four choices, here are three of them:

  1. Take 4 chair lift “Jersey Cream Express” and “Glacier Express” to go up
  2. You can return to to Whistler upper village, taking the 4 chair lift “Solar Coaster Express” and “Wizard Express”
  3. Return with Peak 2 Peak Gondola to the Roundhouse station on Whistler Mountains and then down to Whistler Village. ( round trip)

Roundhouse <- Peak 2 Peak Gondola <-  Rendezvous

For hour of operations, please check out Whistler gondola hours of operation.